My life is full and interesting now

I feel exhausted when I reach home every night nowadays
I had no time to think too much on bed,I'm too tired!!
My life is very wonderful !!

What I have did these days

Let me show you

We had lunch together after class everyday

Sushi King

-Beside me is LiaoZe.He is cute...
I hate kenta so much!! always took the pictuce when I am eating!!!
I'm look UGLY!!!


-Summer can eat large amounts of food
She is incredible!!

Summer took us to Taiwanese food restaurant
The foods is delicious!!

Ramy's apartment is so nice!!
There are lots of foreigners!!
Westerners,Africans,Arabs and so on.

Ramy took us to try their country's food.
WOW!!! It is very NICE!!! I love beef...

There is two more new friends...


-Ramy doesn’t understand why Gals always like to shop.

Actually not Summer!!
She like to shop.

We always go window-shopping. haha!!

Both of them always stick together.
In class,shop,lunch,dinner and so on.
Day and Night.

The gals are busying buy things.
The boys are busying take picture.


-Please!! NO Picture today!!
whithout make up,wearing Spectacles!!
My eyes was painful,I can't wear lenses,
I'm ugly wearing spectacles!!

Haiz...never mind!!
That is my REAL FACE!!

I won't take any picture with spectacles again!!

This is the last time!!

18 則留言:

  1. wont ugly la xD
    looks natural ma hoho

  2. Ya nutural.but not pretty!! haha

  3. ya la !! no ugly , look like teacher <3

  4. no ugly but pretty
    aiya..its ok one mah xDD

  5. Everyone said I look like teacher when I'm wearing glasses

  6. Miyuki, from the 1st post till this post, I realized your english did improve lots.
    Keep it up! and bee confident to yourself, cause you look good in every way.

  7. y u go eat dim sum at sg dua u din wrote??? is it 2 cheap? n dont 1 2 let ppl know??? ur pic of course not ugly at all la.... coz u edit till like tat... i saw u like a old aunty....hahaha.....jz 'kidding'

  8. ==" We went lots of places these days.Some times we dint take picture.DIM SUM is cheap??the Irannise food I ate in the blog,I jus ate in KOPIDIAM!!!! is more CHEAP!!! What's wrong with you!!You are aiming at me!!you are not kidding!!You such a nitpicker!Maybe i'm really old,BUT I dint said i'm pretty!!Actually i dint edit too much on my picture!!I just like to change the color!! don't want explain to you too much!!Cause what i'm did,You also criticize me!!All because you are aiming me!!!

  9. you are really such a beautiful girl , even you dint make up :D

  10. Without make up still look pretty~
    no worry =)

  11. Yup, you still look very beautiful without make up.. :)

  12. Hi miyuki , may i know where is the place you eat the Irannise food ?

  13. 你已经到了Australia了是吗?

  14. jialing in front of M-park-KOPIDIAM

  15. 哦...

  16. miyuki teacher>.<...........


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