stay overnight at Kenta's house

I have a sleepless night last night!!
I was not the only one!!

Kenta,Ramy,Summer,TongYun,Sunny too!!

after the movie,we planed stay overnight at Kenta's house

This is Summer after shower...

I am drying my hair

Sunny and TongYun non-stop talking with me

Ramy is busy playing computer games.

Both of them are taking good care of their skin.
Put some mask on their face...

Sunny and TongYun

want to learn the tricks of make-up from me

Ramy said Kenta is his BEST brother in Malaysia...

How thoughtful of Kenta's mother!!
She prepared green bean soup for our supper last night

We had a chat over a cup of tea.

We all had a talk on bed last night

We shared our joy or sad,past and story to each other

Finally,we started a WAR of PILLOW!!!

We fought together in room!!
We messed up the room!!!!

The WAR of PILLOW was over at 4am++

We supposed to go to school next early morning!!


We were all DEAD tired today!!!!

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