My Friend-Ramy

Today I had lunch with some of my friends
The both of girls are from China, Summer and TongYun
and the guy is come from Iraq,Ramy

I'm very ugly when I was eating,
Maybe I was very starving just now!!

Summer suggest "BULL" in Queensbay.
It is first time for Ramy to try Taiwanese Food

I think...

Ramy is a COOL man!!He is a REAL MAN!!!

Kenta and me love Ramy so much!!

Because he is very MAN!!!! haha

Ya,Ramy is right.Not all of the Arab is terrorist!!

Every country has many kinds of people.
Not all of the people are good or bad!!

Ramy is a friendly and outgoing person!!

He is a Brave man

He told us that he met some Indians here,
and try to rob him with a knife before

He was furiously indignant!
and he was trying to fight with them,(more~)
Finally,the robbers ran away...

I adviced him not to fight next time!!
It's damn Dangerous!!!
They can kill you!!!seriously!!!

He told me:"There is more dangerous in my country
We have trained to protect ourselves."

He said he refused to surrender.
Even can figure out that it would lose
But he will fight to the end.

He is a righteous friend

He fought with other before
because of a friend,just a friend.

You dare to do it?? Sorry,I really can't do it.

Maybe you think he is RUDE.

Admittedly,he is.

But he is GOOD!!!!

Maybe you are Educated ,Gentle

Do you really think that you are a GOOD GUY??!!!

Sorry for that!! I don't think so!!

Are you a Brave man?? NO!!

You just a CHICKEN!!!

Are you a righteous friend?? NO!!

You just a down-to-earth guy!!

The real world is harsh!!
All is related to money!! I hate that!!

Even though you are Educated,Gentle,Pretty

SO WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are nothing!!!

Could you same like Ramy?!!!

I just want a REAL Friend

A friend who is treat me true-heartedly!!

This kind of human is becoming extinct now!!

He not just a Friend,

He is a priceless

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  1. Priceless 'treature'
    the spelling is wrong :D
    should be treasure :)

  2. He was furiously indignant!
    and he was try to fight with them,(more~)

    and he was trying to fight with them :)

  3. I so happy that lots of readers is trying to correct me..and you all never teased me.How lovely you are!!!!


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