I began to study seriously!!

Parents and friends always encouraged me to study last time,
Even lots of teachers always said
"You're a Quick Learner, WHY don't you try to study???"

Actually,I know myself very well
I had a great capacity for learning
I can memorized lots of things in a short time.

BUT, I never try to study!!!

Maybe I hate study,or

the trouble with me was I never had a specific aim of life

This is my first time to try my best to study!!!

I going to school for study everyday,
I doing my coursework at home everyday,
I bought some books and reading everynight,
I try to blog in English when I got an extra time,
I speak in English every moment now.

Kenta's familiy and me started a Game

"Speak in English"

Can't speak in any language with each other
Except ENGLISH!!!

If said any word not in English,FINED 10sen.
On the end of the month,the winner can get all money!!
Everyone thoughts there is nothing to fined 10sen

But now,the problem is raised!! haha!!

The money inside the box is getting more and more already!!
We predict that the winner will get about RM60 permonth!!
RM60 can buy a lot of things!!

For me,I able to have many sets of McDonald!!
For kenta,he can buy lots of books from popular!!
For Xuanbao,she can get a new school bag!!
For Lvyan,is very enough for him to play online game in CC whole night!!

up to now,kenta is the winner
But,we won't give up!!! fight to the end!!

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  1. 来看你show off 了 ^^ 女孩英文不好要选对的english translate 啦. 你的文笔很差. ^^

  2. Allyra 我才开始课程3天,英文要好去哪里啊?

  3. Waoooooo so cool Miyuki, fine money one ! Keep it up, you can success one, dare to speak is the best way to improve English :) Support you !

  4. for those who think that u're showing off by blogging in English, it's simply because they can't speak or write proper English yet they're too lazy to learn it... or worse enough, they have never think of improving themselves.

    it's very good for you to have the thought of learning English now, and it'll never be too late for learning it. Keep it up and

  5. miyuki..T.T..我不习惯看你写英文哦=(..


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