The first day of school

wihout make-up,dint sleep well last night
make me look like "DEAD FISH"!!!

Today is my first day to school
I going to start my English Language Course
I had a English Test today

There got 6 level in this program
I just get level 4

I should study well,improve my english
There're all in English if i study in Australia

I learn English not because of

speak in ENGLISH looks High-Class!!

Because I know English is important!!

somebody told me before

"let's we speak in ENGLISH,it's looks high-class!!"

WTF!!! hey!! speak in Chinese is put you to shame??

Respect Chinese,and respect yourself ,PLEASE!!

No one can disgrace us but ourselves!!

You are humiliating yourself!!!

I learn English ,because I know English is important to us!!

I respect Chinese,because it's my Native Language!!!

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