we EAT everyday,anytime
since I started my college life!

Because my friend Summer is a PIG!!

I'm not talking about the size,

I mean ~ Her Stomach!!!

You can heard that she is hungry all the time!!

but there is a BENEFIT to us too!!

She always recommend some NEW places for us!!

She took us to Harvest Inn to have some western foods.

Summer can't live without CHEESE CAKE!!
She told us that if ordered a cake at Secret Recipe in lunch time
They will give you a free drink,some Coffee or Tea.

She feels so happy when she is eating a cake everytime!!

Oreo Cheese cake is my favorite cake!!

We're going to KHUN-THAI at butterworth that day~

the TOMYAM is damn NICE!!!!!!!!!

We went there with other classmates too.

Ramy can't eat a lot all the time.
He was busying taking picture.

There's only one time that I saw Ramy eat a lot
at Blue Reef Fish and Chip at Strait Quay.

I have not been Pasar Malam at Farlim for a long time!!

I went there with my classmates on wednesday!!It's Fun!!

This is Apple.She is from China too.

This is Andrew from Johor.He is a humorous guy!!

There is Sunny,from China
Adhani from Indonesia,
Ramy,Apple and Apple's roommate Kay.

We all went there for FOOD!!haha!!
Because we know there is selling variety of foods!!

This was Summer's first time here!! And she loves this place so much!

and this is my lovely KENTA!! haha

WOW!!I was gorging my food!!!
Look! How delicious it is!!How greedy I am!! haha

Thank god for giving me a chance to meet them all.

I enjoy my school life with my classmates!!

You can click the PLACES in my post,
if you are interested in the restaurant.
It's link.

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  1. Helping you to correct some mistakes:

    There's only one time that I saw Ramy eat a lot
    *The only time I saw Ramy eat a lot
    or it can be
    *There's only one time I saw Ramy eat a lot

    Because we know there is selling variety of foods!!
    *Because we know there sells a variety of food!!


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