Only the person who is good at English has permission to WRITE and SPEAK in English?!!

I know my English is bad,
that's why I'm taking the English course

Only the person who is good at English
has permission to WRITE and SPEAK in English only?!!


Did your English teacher tell you before??!!

Must write more and speak more only can improve your English!!

If you know you are bad in English,still not dare to speak and write
then you will keep staying where you are now till forever!!

If you are REALLY good in English

please show your PROFESSIONAL, correct me!!
please show your GENEROUS,don't tease me!!

WHAT do you have??!!
you are the person who is good at English only!!

Who do you think you are

except for good English,You have Nothing!!!


I feel PROUD of myself!!

I DESPISE you!!!

My English is still not so good,but I can feel that
I have improved.

And I want to thank the readers who are always correct me Friendly!!
I am absorbing from your corrections.

Thank you~

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  1. keep staying where you are now 'til' forever!!

    till :O

  2. Miyuki, I found out that you're actually writing english in most of your post recently
    I feel like your posts are getting shorter compared to those in chinese
    izzit only me?
    but anyway~ good luck and all the best to you!

  3. Jace ya,it's shorter.
    because of i'm not good at English yet.
    Beside this,maybe I am too busy recently
    I have been busy since I started my course.
    and nothing to blog nowadays.
    Sometimes feel like want to stop blogging already.
    Now I'm considering
    Maybe after I started my new life in Australia,I have the mood to blog again~

  4. Hi Miyuki, I've been reading your blog for like over 1 year? or maybe 2 years.
    I more prefer you write in Chinese actually , haha , because sounds more cute and friendly . =)
    And , I do really feel that your english improved a lots ! You did it very well :)
    Don't care what other peoples say , just be yourself is enough !

    Have a nice day :)

  5. JingYing I'm always friendly~ haha!!
    Thanks for your reading and encourage!!haha
    but i really need to write more~improve myself
    I take the course writing and editing.
    I want be a editor in future
    I must keep writing and writing in english!! haha
    But I decided write in chinise sometimes.
    I'm too busy recently,whatever Chinese or English,
    I cant blog often now.No mood to blog also haha

  6. i hate those ppl who said ur english bad..
    i'll support u..

  7. Your English is not so bad,I mean.......most of people can understand what you are talking about, so why don't you just relax and keep on studying. In the near future,you will have a great progress.


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