I feel so sorry now,my dear

Sometimes I feel proud of having such a GOOD boyfriend.

Sometimes MONEY, LV, GUCCI, CARS, HOUSES can't attract me
It doesn't work for me.

Sometimes take good care of my little things
in my life is more effective.

For example:

It's Tea-Time

That's what my KENTA prepared for me

-Low Fat milk (because I'm afraid of FAT)
-Tiger biscuits (that's my favorite.He bought a lots and keep it in the room )
-Kinder chocolate (This is a MUST for me when I'm having M)

He is an attentive boyfriend!!
He treat me with excessive care!!
He knew me through~

He prepared the high tea for me with my
Pink plate and Rilakkuma's cup

the Pink plate only RM5
but when he bought it for me,he said:
"This is your plate,it's exclusive to you.Nobody can use it!"

I have lots of CUTE dinnerware in the room.
Kitty bowl,spoon,Rilakkunma cup and so on.
It's exclusive to me all.

That's my boyfriend-KENTA

Just a HIGH-TEA,
Look!! how considerate he is!!

Maybe we always quarrel these days
quarrel bitterly sometimes.

I also don't know what happen to us these days.
We are tired of quarreling with each other already.

We often quarrel for nothing.

I always packed my things and want to go home
But I never get away from here.

You won't let me go,and me too.
We knew that we need each other so much~

Your mom have told me :

"Don't always quarrel.It's bad for your relationship~"

I think we should stop it~
and I must change my bad temper.

You are extremely GOOD.

I know I can't get another boyfriend as good as you in future.

Someday,if I am leaving you,

I am sure that is not you're not good enough~
Maybe that's destined that you're not belong to me.
Maybe you are belong to others.

Dear,I feel so sorry now~

maybe there are fault on both sides,
But I was the worst

I will try to change my bad temper
I will try my best to renew our relationship.

I love you so much~

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  1. Is ''others'' and not ''other''..hehe

  2. there is an error in your recent facebook caption , it should be , I'm so hardworking . I'm not pretending.:)


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