Fashion Design or Psychology

My mom suggested me take the Psychology course
I will think over it.

Fashion Design or Psychology

Fashion Design is my favorite.
But Psychology is not bad too.

I like to listen and talk with others.
I like to help others who is has problems.
Lots of friends or net friends like to confided their problem or secret to me~
I am all ears and always like to share my experience,
and try to help them.

I like to listen to others problem and story. It is true!!

Sometimes,I wonder what is in our brain?!!

Why everyone own a different type of mind??
Why some of the people like to lie to others?
Why women always imposed on by man's plausible talk?
and SO ON~~~
lots of things happened and we can't explain it!!


I know there are not unreasonable!!
If I take the Psychology course,
I will try to find out the answer!!
One day,I will know the reason!!
And I wonder WHY is that!!

But it's up in the air!!

I think I no need to think too much now!!
I need to study hard for my exam now!!

At the present time,
the most important thing is

I must pass my IELTS exam first!!
If i FAIL in IELTS exam,
I think I will not be able to study
in Australia in this August.

7 則留言:

  1. 很可惜,心理科在马来西亚很难找吃的

  2. Viibaby 如果我真的去得成澳洲读书,我不想回来了~我伯伯已经移民去那里10多年了,他说那里很好

  3. 澳洲真的很好。他們的人也是很好的哦 (;

  4. 我好像在red box看到你耶~>.<

  5. 我本人是在澳洲大学主修心理的 (待了也一段时间了)。其实看你是什么样的大学,主要心理学英语写作能力很高(虽然很多人以为学心理学就是跟人聊聊天)然后要学很多Biology, 然后要学很多单词,还有要读很多理论和实验。虽然我不认识你,但是希望可以帮到你。

  6. 我现在读的是fashion design, 其实这科没有想象中的那么容易,随便画画衣服就好...很多人都认为这科很好玩,很简单,其实是很辛苦的...几乎把所有的时间花在做功课上,有时候睡觉都不够时间..

  7. 谢谢大家的意见!真的对我很有帮助~


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